Looking for a gift idea? How about North Pole Unlimited romances in print!Dec 1, 2021

All my North Pole Unlimited romances are novellas, which means they are a little too short to print effectively. But now you can get these three collections in paperback, including the most recent - Frank and Ginger. It's the same great North Pole Unlimited romances you've read on your e-reader, but they're now in print. Wouldn't you like to find one of these under the tree on Christmas morning? 

Check your home country's Amazon pages to see if it's available there. UK and Australia, it is for certain.

Collection 1 US and Canada

Collection 2 US and Canada

Collection 3 US and Canada

(Shamrocks and Surprises - US and Canada - and Pumpkins and Promises - US and Canada - are also available in paperback.)

Chag Sameach!Nov 26, 2021

Wishing my Jewish friends a happy holiday on the first night of Hanukkah.

Christmas present ideas for when you have none of your ownNov 19, 2021

When it comes to Christmas present ideas, we can all us a little help. Personally, my father has the lovable, irritating habit of calling me at the beginning of December to tell me what he bought on his latest shopping spree - all of which would have looked great under the tree. Yes, Dad, I'm talking about you!

In case you are really stuck for ideas for family, friends, or colleagues at the office, check out these selections and mix and match to your heart's - and budget's - content! They range from relatively inexpensive to higher cost. Stick with one or put together a gift basket. You may find some of these suggests come in pairs or sets of 3, which means you can split them up to cover more people on your Nice list.

I either own and love all these things, or they have been recommended by friends and they are on my Christmas list to buy for other people (or myself) this year. 

These links go to Amazon, and I am part of their affiliate program, so if you end up buying them, I will get a tiny referral fee.



Flavoured oils and vinegars (Especially if you are not sure if the person drinks. They still conveniently fit great in wine bags.)

Holiday-patterned tea towels or hot pads/trivets

For GARDENERS. I own all these items, although not necessarily these brands, and would be thrilled to get any of them even as a duplicate. As a personal preference, I don't like rubber gardening gloves, so I'm not putting them on the list. Given a choice, I'd take leather over cloth. When it comes to tools, I prefer ones that don't have black handles--because I'm forever looking for them in the dirt after I've set them down to do something!

Gloves (women's) or in Canada

Gloves (men's) or in Canada

Herb clipper or in Canada

Trowel or in Canada

3.5 gallon bucket (Sturdy with a strong handle) 

Kneeling mat 

Gardening notebook 

Gift cards to a nursery or seed store

For BAKERS.  I use all of these things regularly, although I never would have bought them for myself.

Small digital kitchen scale or in Canada

Measuring colander This is a ridiculous $60 on Amazon Canada so check it out on the US link and contact your local Pampered Chef representative.

Mortar and pestle or in Canada

Parchment paper or in Canada

Cooling rack (you can never have too many)

Squeeze bottles for sauce or icing (Dollar store ones work just fine) 

Funnel (make sure it fits in the squeeze bottle opening.)

For DOG OWNERS.  Food and treats and toys can be hard because owners are picky about what they feed their pets. But check out these ideas.

Reflective vest for owners when walking in the dark  or in Canada

Dog poop bags for leash or in Canada

Or refills or in Canada

LED collar light or in Canada - a friend recommended these to me. She says they are amazing because 1) people can see you and your pet when you clip them to your zipper and your dog's collar. and 2) if you dog runs away or is in a park at night, you can still see them. Ensure that you get one that either stays on, or has the option to blink or stay on, because dogs tend not to like a blinking light that is attached to them. Dad, don't you read this. And if you already have, act surprised on Christmas morning!

Stocking Stuffers

Yahtzee score pad - or in Canada

Dice or in Canada

Cake in a mug (3 pack) or in Canada

Deck of cards – highly unappreciated in this day and age. 

Book of card games (do you remember the rules to Crazy 8s?) 

Uno cards (original or get a specialty set) or in Canada


Funky socks 



Lip balms 

Puzzle magazines (crossword, Suduko, search-a-word)

Romance box sets because you can only buy one bookNov 12, 2021

I have several new box sets out this winter. A KEEPSAKE CHRISTMAS and NORTH POLE UNLIMITED COLLECTION 1 are just two of them but they are both included in this festive collection of box sets. Limit yourself to just one if you have to, or get as many as appeal and read a new book every night from now until Christmas!  (Spoiler - there are tons of holiday and historical box sets!)

It's release day for A KEEPSAKE CHRISTMASNov 2, 2021

I'm bursting with pride today with the release of A KEEPSAKE CHRISTMAS. I'm thrilled with Rachel and Owen's story and hope you enjoy reading about their festive road to romance. Even better, TINSEL AND TEACUPS (Holiday Beach 3) is only one of eight all-new Christmas romances in this anthology.

I've read all of these and I promise you that every one of these heart-warming sweet romances will fill you with the Christmas spirit!

You can get A KEEPSAKE CHRISTMAS at all of your favourite e-book retailers, but be warned - the special $2.99 sale price is only in effect for a week, so grab it before the price goes up.

And if you want to be an elf and get on Santa's Good List early, please leave a review anywhere if you enjoy the stories.

Sweet holiday romances e-book and print books salesNov 1, 2021

I've very excited to be part of these two Christmas romance promotions.

The Sweet Holiday Romances group has a ton of fun romances to brighten your reading time and put you into the holiday spirit, including DECKER AND JOY, which is free right now.

And I know some of you prefer to read paper books rather than e-books. So I found some other sweet romance authors who have books in print, and now you can stuff your stockings (and bookshelves) with print romances that are under $15.

No matter your preference, t'is the season for Christmas romances - so get reading!

FRANK AND GINGER are about to fall in loveOct 29, 2021

Office romances continue to flourish at North Pole Unlimited - especially at Christmastime. This year, Ginger Malone is heading out to Kenora, Ontario one last time before the holidays to talk with Frank Cardinal, the inventor of the most popular toys in the NPU catalog. She asked him out over the summer, and crashed and burned horribly. This visit is going to be all business.

Widower Frank panicked when the beautiful rep asked him out. And his young daughter still hasn't forgiven him for messing up his chances with Ginger. This time, he's going to end their meeting with a date.

Michelle isn't taking any chances. If her dad and Ginger can't see that they're perfect for each other, she's going to have to take drastic measures. With a little encouragement from North Pole Unlimited's star matchmaker, she sets her plan into action.

FRANK AND GINGER will be available on November 15th, but you can pre-order it now.  And just to let you know, the pre-order sale price of $2.99 will only last till the end of November.