A quick and sometimes free guide to 2021's Christmas romances

There are a lot of Christmas romances out there – I know, I released two this year – but never fear because I’m here to help!

If you want to restock your “love in the holidays” shelf, here is a convenient list of Christmas romances sorted by price, genre, and type of book! (You’re welcome.)

Canadian Christmas Romances under $5 – See how Canadian authors like me celebrate Christmas! FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! Almost all of these books are set in Canada. I know for certain that we represent Vancouver, British Columbia on the west coast, southern Manitoba, two in Ottawa, Ontario, and a bunch in southern Ontario. We have dragons, LGBTQ+, hockey players, cowboys and more. And they’re all under $5! So check out some authors from north of the border and add some Canadian snow-mance to your life.

Paperbacks: My third North Pole Unlimited Collection is out in print today, but only the first book is listed in this promo. They are great for people who prefer paper books to e-books.

Box sets: But I only bought one book! Christmas romance box sets are a great bang for your buck! And they are a fabulous way to get introduced to new authors who you might also love. (I found one of my favourite authors in box set; I bought it for a series I recognized and now 30 books later, I’ve worn out author #2’s stories.) This promo includes “A KEEPSAKE CHRISTMAS” and at 75¢ a story, you can’t go wrong.

New releases: All these Christmas romances are brand new and just released for the 2021 holiday season. Make sure you’re up to date with your favourite sweet romance writers.

Small-town Christmas – sometimes you just want a book that’s like a Hallmark Christmas movie, with small town communities cheering the latest holiday romance towards a final kiss under the mistletoe.

Free e-books: Another great way to meet new authors. All the Christmas books in this promo are free, but you will have to sign up for an author newsletter to get them. FUN FACT: don’t unsubscribe right away! A lot of authors – me included – offer a free book to new subscribers, so if you stick around, you could score two free books out of the deal and find a new series to read.

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