May 1st Free Romance Reads ExtravaganzaMay 1, 2019

We're at it again. Romance Free Reads is having another one-day event - over 100 romances for free, across all e-reader platforms

This time, my contribution is a free copy of IT GIRL, book 4 in my hot contemporary Hollywood to Olympus series. If you like it, feel free to check out the rest of the series (or save some money and just get the 5-book box set.)


Sean Glenn fell for Caitlin the first time he saw her, almost a year ago. Now that the rising star is working on his show, he could finally have a shot with her, if it weren’t for his well-known history as a player. Sean has his work cut out for him. 

Entertainer Caitlin Kelly has spent the last decade taking every job she could get, be it acting, singing, or waiting tables. Now all her hard work is paying off. When her new role on a hit show brings fame and a potential real-life love interest, she has to make some serious choices about her priorities. 

While Caitlin is torn about decisions the spotlight forces on her, especially those regarding Sean, the actor is suffering his own problems with stardom. Sean finds himself in a stalker’s sights, and the safest place for Caitlin may be far away from him. Is love strong enough to keep them together?

Happy EasterApr 19, 2019

Spring is in the air this weekend. I hope you have a lovely time chasing chocolate bunnies through fields of daffodils.

Easter Sale!Apr 18, 2019

If you haven't tried out a Resort Romance yet, now is your chance. Get all four box for the price of a single title. It's almost as good as finding a chocolate bunny hiding in your fridge!  Lisa & Hank, Dena & Curtis, Julie & Dennis, and Angie & Tim all invite you to the tropics for the weekend. Bring your sunscreen and prepare for lots of love and laughter!

Find your e-vendor here.

Big Sale for Kobo readers! (and Kindle)Mar 22, 2019

An international "good morning" to all my #KOBO readers, no matter where you are! (Except my American Kobo people, sorry, but keep reading!)

Spring is on the front steps, and love is in the air. To celebrate, KOBO is running a sale offering 40% of all box sets - including the entire Hollywood to Olympus series! That's 5 complete novels for only $5.99! A lot of you - especially my Canadian friends - are heading into March Break. Whether you are getting away, or are just dealing with the kids at home, be sure to get this for your own private getaway, full of laugh, love, and romance (and rabid, cyborg, panda assassins, but that's only in Action Hero.)

Get the five book Hollywood to Olympus box set at 40% during the boxed set sale! That's only $5.99!

(I've also made this sale available to Kindle readers, so check it out on Amazon.) 

Chase away your Winter Blues!Feb 22, 2019

The groundhog lied. With at least six more weeks of winter, here's something to chase your blues away. SCREEN IDOL is currently free on all vendors. Join Sydney and Chris for one wild, fun-filled day as Hollywood romance works its magic.

And then check out the new boxed set of all five Hollywood to Olympus books for only $9.99 - save 25% off the single title prices.

Find your preferred e-Book retailer and download your Hollywood Romance fix today.

Decker & Joy is free until the end of the year!Dec 18, 2018

Merry Christmas from me to you! From now until the end of the year, DECKER AND JOY is free at all vendors.

I hope you enjoy my sweet Christmas romance about a P.I., a kitten foster-mom, four bundles of fur, and an elf on the run.

Once you are through with DECKER AND JOY, don't forget to check out HOLLIS AND IVY and my newest North Pole Unlimited romance NICK AND EVE for only $2.99 each.

Have a very merry Christmas!

Nick and Eve - COMING SOON!Nov 2, 2018

It’s almost here! Are you ready for the latest North Pole Unlimited romance? NICK AND JOY will be released on November 19th, but the pre-orders are available today! Take a peek at this fun, heartwarming Christmas romance!

Nick’s plan: dodge his grandmother’s matchmaking attempts by claiming Eve is his date for Christmas. He probably should have asked Eve first.

Although Nick Klassen is grateful when Eve rides to his rescue after he breaks down outside of December, Manitoba, he can’t run fast enough when his meddling grandmother tries to set him up with the pretty tow-truck driver. Then he gets an idea.

Between juggling extra hours at work and a never-ending Christmas to-do list, Eve LeBlanc doesn’t have time for a new man in her life. But ever since she picked Nick up on the side of the road, she’s been running into him everywhere.

His flirtations started innocently enough but when his grandmother invites “his girlfriend” to the family’s Christmas dinner, Nick realizes if he wants to stop pretending about Eve, he must come clean. Once Eve learns of his deception, he’ll need Santa’s help to turn their fake relationship in the real thing.