Book round-up for the year

T'is the season to be running around with seven stops to make and two hours to make them.

So give yourself a break for a moment and stock up your e-reader.

I also have three new releases out this winter. 

RUDY AND KRIS is the fourth North Pole Unlimited romance novella and has the adventures of the Calgary couple as they fall in love and plan a Christmas party to end all parties - including secret guests in red suits.  

DOCTOR MILLIONAIRE is the first Hopewell Millionaires novel, and the first lesson the lottery winner learns is that money can't buy love - it has to be earned. 

HOLIDAY TABLE is my second Heartmade cookbook, with simple, delicious recipes to make your holidays tasty and easy.

I have two free books available right now.

For my sweet romance readers and Christmas fans, DECKER AND JOY will be free for the rest of the month. 

SCREEN IDOL, from my sexier, contemporary Hollywood to Olympus series, is also free till the end of the year.

I hope you have tons of reading material to last you through the holidays. If not, now is your chance.

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