May 1st Free Romance Reads Extravaganza

We're at it again. Romance Free Reads is having another one-day event - over 100 romances for free, across all e-reader platforms

This time, my contribution is a free copy of IT GIRL, book 4 in my hot contemporary Hollywood to Olympus series. If you like it, feel free to check out the rest of the series (or save some money and just get the 5-book box set.)


Sean Glenn fell for Caitlin the first time he saw her, almost a year ago. Now that the rising star is working on his show, he could finally have a shot with her, if it weren’t for his well-known history as a player. Sean has his work cut out for him. 

Entertainer Caitlin Kelly has spent the last decade taking every job she could get, be it acting, singing, or waiting tables. Now all her hard work is paying off. When her new role on a hit show brings fame and a potential real-life love interest, she has to make some serious choices about her priorities. 

While Caitlin is torn about decisions the spotlight forces on her, especially those regarding Sean, the actor is suffering his own problems with stardom. Sean finds himself in a stalker’s sights, and the safest place for Caitlin may be far away from him. Is love strong enough to keep them together?

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