Happy St. Patrick's Day

“Lucky” Lucy Callahan can fix anything, which is why her boss sent her to the Dew Drop Inn. The neglected hotel sounds like the perfect challenge for a woman who likes to bring things to their full potential. It’s a shame that the cute bar owner who asked her out doesn’t seem to appreciate her efforts.

Roy Wagner’s family feud with the business next door is older than he is. He’d happily see the hotel go up in flames—he’d even supply the marshmallows. He liked Lucy before he knew she worked for the enemy. Now he has no idea what to do about her, but he’s sure the relentlessly helpful, happy woman is up to no good.

Rebuilding a hotel is no easy task, especially when she has to make the old inn fit into Holiday Beach’s unique tourist-friendly setting, but Lucy hasn’t failed yet. If she can get Roy to come around, maybe she can convince him that the changes she’s bringing could be a very good thing for his hometown…and their own future.

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