The Cowboy and the Pastry Princess Royal Oak Ranch

The Cowboy and the Pastry Princess

Joni Malone has been baking since she was a teenager, and it took her years to save enough to open her own bakery. Now she has a chance to put Flour Power on the map by winning top honours on Canada’s Best Recipes. Her only real competition is, surprisingly, a handsome cowboy from her hometown.

Paul Lawson threw his Stetson into the ring and was selected as one of twelve finalists for the national cooking competition. The full-time cowboy and passionate part-time baker is taking a break from his duties at his family’s Royal Oak Ranch, and he’s not about to let a gorgeous pastry chef stop him from achieving national muffin glory. 

Even though the two of them are going head-to-head in the kitchen, can they find a way to a sweet ending together?

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