Box Set Resort Romances

Box Set

Get all four Resort Romances in one great set.

Cuban Moon

Lisa Kleyson wasn't looking for love on her Caribbean vacation, but when she meets Dr. Hank Anderson, another wedding guest, sparks fly. Although their time is short, they're determined to start a romance under the Cuban moon.

Mexican Sunsets

Dena and Curtis are polar opposites, but when they are together, their vacations are twice as enjoyable. Do these two single travellers want to explore a romance in Puerto Vallarta, or go it alone?

Dominican Stars

Julie needs a reality break before she makes a life-altering decision. Dennis is supposed to be on a father-son bonding trip but his son cancelled at the last minute. Can a week in the sun mend two broken hearts?

Mayan Midnights

Tim’s job is simple: keep Angie occupied while his friend makes a play for her cousin. Angie didn’t expect Tim to be such great partner in crime as they explores the Mayan Riviera, but his real feeling for her may never get a chance when his past comes to light.

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