Noel & Merrily North Pole Unlimited

Noel & Merrily

Will this Christmas road trip end with a sweet holiday romance?

Struggling singer Merrily Sweet has five days and five thousand kilometres to figure out her life. As she drives across Canada, she’ll either write some new songs or decide to abandon her musical career entirely. But when she gets an emergency call, she knows that she can’t leave fellow North Pole Unlimited employee Noel stranded over the holidays, and now she has company.   

IT whiz Noel Sprouse loves the holidays, but he’s not ready to launch the Santa-based app he created. When he finds himself stuck on the wrong coast after an airport incident, his only chance to make it home for Christmas is as a passenger with a former teen pop sensation who becomes obsessed with his genius idea.   

With Noel providing the inspiration and Merrily supplying the encouragement, can these two road-trippers get everything they want for the holidays – success, romance, and home in time for Christmas dinner?

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