Birthdays and Bachelors Holiday Beach

Birthdays and Bachelors

It’s one thing when your friends throw you a surprise party for your 30th birthday. It’s something else when they each bring you a bachelor as a present.

The high school sweetheart, the new-in-town billionaire, the local bad boy – her friends invited them all, but it’s the doctor who shows up by accident who is the dark horse in this birthday dating race. Gloria Vargas needs a reason to stick around in Holiday Beach, and a new romance would help ease the fact that her career prospects have stalled.

Dr. Daniel Wyatt is in town to open a new medical practice, keep an eye on his aging grandparents, and do some wedding venue research for his cousin, but being bachelor number four is distracting him from his duties – and Gloria is a wonderful distraction.

Is it a coincidence that Gloria and Daniel run into each other everywhere they go, or are matchmaking forces at work in Holiday Beach to make a birthday wish come true?

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