Tinsel and Teacups Holiday Beach

Tinsel and Teacups

T'is the season to fall in love in Holiday Beach with four Christmas romances in one great collection!

TINSEL AND TEACUPS - A bubbly barista and a shy, single-father antique dealer must set aside their rivalry to find the best Christmas teacup ever when they're nominated to run the Holiday Beach food bank fundraiser. Will the spirit of Christmas overcome their competitive streaks?

SWEET CHRISTMAS - Love is in the air at Butterlicious Bakery, and Santa may bring a second chance to two star-crossed sweethearts.

THE CHRISTMAS TREE CAPER - Christmas tree lot owner Tim is on the hunt for evergreen bandits when his best friend's little sister Carol returns home for the city and offers to lend a hand to catch the thieves. Will his heart be stolen too?

RING IN THE NEW YEAR - Who is getting engaged this holiday season?

(Tinsel and Teacups was previously published in the anthology "A Keepsake Christmas")

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