Pumpkins and Promises Holiday Beach

Pumpkins and Promises

Working full-time, going back to school, and raising a high school senior – Brooke Portman's schedule in Holiday Beach is a whirlwind of obligations. As she turns the page into October, the few blank spots left on her calendar are being filled with the man who's determined that she should have a life of her own with him in the picture.

Sheriff Aaron Gillespie thinks he and Brooke can go the distance if they can get past the obstacles constantly being thrown in their path. When their kids' social lives are busier than their own, and every date he and Brooke manage to have is interrupted by reports of criminal activity, it feels like the Halloween season is all tricks and no treats. 

Then Aaron and Brooke find themselves on opposites sides of the same arson case. One that threatens to burn their relationship to cinders.

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