Pumpkins and Promises Holiday Beach

Pumpkins and Promises

Working full-time, going back to school, and raising a high school senior, Brooke Portman’s schedule in Holiday Beach is a whirlwind of obligations. As she turns the page into October, the few blank spots left on her calendar are filled with the lawman who’s determined that she should have a life with him in the picture.

Sheriff Aaron Gillespie thinks he and Brooke can go the distance. They just have to get past all the obstacles that the Halloween season throws in their path. Spooky sightings and mysterious disappearances keep interrupting the few moments he can steal away with Brooke. 

All the false alarms and mischievous pranks have stretched the sheriff to the limit. A case of arson pushes him over the edge. Especially when it looks like Brooke is hiding something about his prime suspect. He'll need to either pull out his handcuffs, or set aside his badge and trust her. Either way, their relationship could be over before he can say, “Trick or treat.”

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