Doctor Millionaire Hopewell Millionaires

Doctor Millionaire

Twelve friends. Ten-year reunion. One $50,000,000 lottery ticket.

The only reason Dr. Doug Little returned to his dying hometown was to keep a promise. Two years and he’s gone. The only things getting him through his first couple months are his ten-year reunion and working with his old high-school crush. 

Although Jackie Dunn loves her quiet world, her small-town life gets even harder when her part-time hospital job is in peril. If not for her friends’ help, she'd be forced to leave for the city for more opportunities for herself. 

Nobody at the reunion expected to win the fifty-million-dollar jackpot. Doug’s share should be more than enough to buy his freedom, but the town doesn’t want to let their new doctor go. Jackie is the only thing that makes Hopewell bearable, but when he finally finds a way to escape, Doug realizes he’ll be doing it alone. Jackie doesn’t have much time to show him the life he accidentally created for himself in Hopewell is better than anything his millions could buy him anywhere else.

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