The Write Cast – season 2 episode 3

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It’s hard being a writer. Your job is basically sitting in front of a screen all day long. While that can lead to productivity, it can also lead to health problems. Inactivity isn’t good for anybody.

This month, J.H. Moncrieff, Drew Kozub and I talk about Fitness for Writers.  I am fortunate enough to have a treadmill, and I take two or three 10-minute breaks in the afternoon. (I walk at 3 miles per hour, so I get 1.0 or 1.5 miles a day in.)  And, when the warmer weather comes, I’ll do my story plotting while mowing the lawn or weeding the garden. These may not work of you, but between the three of us, I hope you find a fitness regime that helps you.

(By the way, J.H. has a new book out. Monsters in our Wake should have you running away from your e-reader in terror. That counts!)

Win PURSUIT and 40 other books

Hey, my romantic suspense readers! Have you heard about Booksweeps? You have the chance to win over 40 romantic suspense books. Check out this link for details. One of these books is PURSUIT, and the third and final book of the Calendar Killer trilogy will be out later this year.

Part of this contest is newsletter sign-ups. The good news is that a lot of these authors will likely be offering a free book in their emails, so check them out.

(If you sign up for a newsletter and decide you don’t want to receive it anymore, please UNSUBSCRIBE instead of marking it as spam. Thank you, from someone who has to deal with the back-end of a newsletter subscriptions service.)

Release day for Dominican Stars

It’s here!

If you need a break from digging out after the latest snowfall, or want to escape to someplace warm and margarita-filled while your little darling has you sitting in the arena for practice, may I suggest taking a quick $0.99 trip to the Dominican Republic.


All Julie Beresford wanted was a vacation fling, something to distract her from the most important decision of her teaching career. What she gets is a man who not only captures her heart but pushes her to face her fears.

Contractor Dennis Wilson is supposed to be on a father-son bonding trip, but after that turns into a solo vacation at the last minute, Julie is an intoxicating distraction from the disappointment.

When his son arrives unexpectedly, Julie’s presence throws a spanner into an already tense situation. Can Dennis salvage both relationships, or is one doomed to break?

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Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Red heart isolated on white background

To all the lovers and their significant others, I wish you a happy, fun, romantic St. Valentine’s Day.

To all the single ladies (and men) who are out there looking for love, feel free to use any of my heroes or heroines as you book boyfriends and girlfriends today,  and for a long as you want.

To all of you who aren’t looking for somebody at the moment, have a good day, and go for the discount chocolate tomorrow!

Win some free books

In the interest of getting you hooked on as many new authors as possible, I’m happy to spread the news about BookSweeps.  You can enter to win all kinds of free e-books, you can check out a bunch of authors at the same time.

It’s sorted by genre, so you can get tailor-made choices delivered right to your inbox. Romantic suspense? They’ve got that. Sports romances? Sci-fi? Pick any and all you want.

I’m going to be upfront with you. It is a promo site. You do have the chance to win free books, and get free books from authors, but you’ll be signed up to authors’ newsletters. They tell you this when you sign up, so it won’t be a surprise. I still recommend you go for it. Open the first newsletter, see if you like it. If you don’t, unsubscribe. Please don’t mark it as spam because that causes problems for the author (and you did agree to get the newsletter.)

Hey, buddy, can you spare a dollar for a good book?

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Not even a whole dollar. Just $0.99. A ton of $0.99 stories – including Cuban Moon – are on sale for the next two days (Feb 12 and 13). Get yourself a Valentine’s present! Check out this site for a complete list of books and vendors that you can get for a dollar, a buck, a loonie.

(Speaking of Cuban Moon, I have news for you. Dominican Stars, the third book in the Resort Romance series, will be out later this month, also for $0.99. Why don’t you check them all out?)


The Write Cast – Season 2 Episode 2

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Who do you love? What do you love? Who’s your favourite writer? What’s your favourite book? J.H. Moncrieff, Drew Kozub and I shares the loves of our literary lives in our latest podcast.

In honour of St. Valentine’s Day, we talk about the authors we love, and the books we’d want with us if we were stranded on a deserted island. And, no, we would rather freeze to death than use them as tinder in an S.O.S. fire.

Also, I need to apologize to any Nicholas Sparks fans out there. I demand happy endings and will fight for them.

Chicken Paprika

CHICKEN PAPRIKA (based on a recipe from Eve Langlais)

3 chicken breasts or 6 thighs (deboned)

3 tbsp olive oil

3 cloves garlic

1 small or half a medium onion

2 – 3 teaspoons paprika

2 chicken broth bouillon cubes

3 cups water

1 cup sour cream (can be lactose- or fat-free)

2 tbsp flour (can be gluten-free)

Cube the chicken and brown in olive oil with minced garlic and onion (a stove-top casserole dish works well). Add paprika, chicken broth bouillon cubes and water. Let it boil down for about 1.5 hrs at a medium heat (until most liquid has evaporated.) Remove from heat and add sour cream and flour.  Goes very well with rice.

The Write Cast – season 2 episode 1

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You’ve heard it as a joke – don’t quit your day job. But there comes a time when not only does that become the dream – being a full-time writer –  it can become a reality.

On this month’s free Soundcloud podcast, J.H. Moncrieff, Drew Kozub and I discuss “Should you quit your day job?” With this being the month for new year’s resolutions, have a listen and decide if this is something you are ready for, or if you need a year or two to prepare for the ultimate writer’s adventure!

Happy New Year

2016 was a challenging year on many levels. But you did it – you made it through all 366 days! So burn the calendar if it will make you feel better, and get ready for 2017. I have high hopes. I know it will be the usual rollercoaster ride, but I’m hoping for more highs than lows for everybody.

Do you have any resolutions? I’m going to speak up more. (Not just chatter more, much to the relief of my friends and family, but stand up for myself and others.) That single resolution  is so big, I think it’ll just make the one this year.

Whatever you decide to do in 2017, and however you decide to ring in the new year, I wish you much joy, good luck, and success in the next 365 days.

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