The age-old dilemma

blogAfter spending several days in the company of some wonderful writers in Seattle at the Emerald City Writers’ Convention, I have come to an unavoidable conclusion.

I need to read more.

I have my favourite authors, of course, but there are best-selling authors whose name I recognize but whose books I haven’t read. It’s the age-old reader’s problem: too many books, too little time. They are popular for a reason and I’m probably missing out. On a lot. I hate missing out on good books.

Fifteen. I have fifteen new authors to try, and two months to do it. That is about a book and a half a week. I’d make an “Oh, no, how can I be expected to do that?” joke, but let’s be honest. It isn’t going to be a hardship. Even better, I’m pretty sure I have some of these books on my shelves that I just haven’t cracked the covers on yet.

So, please excuse me while I wear a new indentation into my chair by the window.

I have work to do.

PS – I’m still taking recommendations. Which contemporary romance authors would you tell me to try?

4 weeks of crochet

I decided that, since I’m going to spend a lot of the winter in front of the television, I should learn how to multi-task. So I took a quick, 4-week introduction to crochet class.

I LOVED it. I can’t stop. And I’m starting to build my own yarn stash. (This is apparently quite a common affliction among crocheters.

Here’s how my addiction happened.

Week 1 – We made a dishcloth to learn how to do all the stitches.






Week 2 – I used the stitches I learned to start this project on my own. It’s a lap blanket for my mom. It’s 2 rows of double cross-stitch and 2 rows of granny stitch. We won’t discuss the edges.









Week 3 – We learned how to make granny squares, and how to seam things together. I made this little purse for my niece. It’s just big enough for an iPhone and a couple other little things.









Week 4 – I made something for myself. This scarf is 300 stitches long – about 8 feet.






And now I need more yarn and projects!

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Thanksgiving Book Sale at KOBO – Buy 2, Get 1 Free


This is mainly for Canadian readers, but anyone with a Kobo, I have great news! From October 6 to October 11, Kobo is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on various romance e-books.

Two of my books are part of this great deal – Leading Man and Drama Queen. This is a great chance to fill gaps in your collection, or to try new writers at a discount. I’m in with some great company, whether you love shifters or aliens or hot contemporaries.

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShopImagine it – you, on the sofa, stuffed with turkey and pumpkin pie, winding up your Thanksgiving with a great romance to aid in your digestion. And, as always, my books are calorie- and fat-free.



Lust in the Wind

I explored my artistic side last night. My good friend Lori found something called “Paint Nite” and we decided to try it out. You pay your fee, go to the bar, buy yourself a drink, and you are provided with everything you need to paint a picture. Considering I failed art in middle school I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

Here is the sample painting from Talia Keyton:

Lust in the Wind - Talia Keyton






And here is what I ended up with (after only one white cranberry mimosa):






Pretty good considering we had white, red, blue and black paint to work with. It was a really good time with a great friend. And I’d definitely go to another Paint Nite, although they seem to be sold out months in advance.

I was very nervous going in. I knew nobody was going to laugh at me, but I was still scared I’d embarrass myself. Then I said to myself, “Thelma,” –sometimes I call myself Thelma — “Thelma,” I said, “you just go for it and paint what you want to paint and it will all work out in the end.”

And it did.

Summer 2015 Box Office

I have never seen as many movies in a single season as I have this summer. Some of them are still hanging around, so if you haven’t seen them yet you still might have time.

In order of recommendation:

1. Jurassic World

Shame on you if you were a fan of the original and haven’t seen this yet. It’s great. Lots of humour, lots of action, lots of dinosaurs. What else do you want from your summer entertainment? Highly recommended.

2. Terminator: Genisys – If you were a fan of the original, you have to see this. Don’t worry about any of the sequels (or the television series, or the book). Accept it as a reboot and not a remake, and sit back and enjoy. Especially the first thirty minutes when you think you know what’s going on. Recommended.

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron – Warning – you are not seeing this for the plot. I just wanted to remind you of that before you sat down. They added a slew of new characters; the team is getting a little unwieldy. But mostly fun. Recommended.

4. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

I never saw the original series, but I enjoyed this. They did the 60s well. It was a cute Cold War/spy movie, without going over the top like James Bond did. It’s quieter, but very funny. Very Guy Ritchie. Recommended.

5. Ricky and the Flash – Meryl Streep was good. Kevin Kline was good. (Not surprising for either actor). But the secondary characters stole the show. Mamie Gummer played Meryl and Kevin’s daughter, and Rick Springfield played Meryl’s lead guitarist. (I didn’t know it was him until the credits rolled.) They did wonderful jobs. Unfortunately, Ricky is not a very likeable character, so while the movie was well done, I didn’t particularly like it. Recommended for half-price Tuesdays.

6. Inside Out – Maybe it’s better if you are a kid. Overall, I found it very depressing for a cartoon. Not recommended.

7. San Andreas – I was expecting it to be not good. I was disappointed. Not recommended.