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Caitlin’s television career is taking off, thanks in part to her chemistry with her co-star. Sean wants to move their romance off-screen, but his stalker has other ideas. Can they find a balance or will their fame rip them apart?  —

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IT GIRL – Sneak peek #2

itgirl“I think I made a big mistake.” With three hours to go, it was too late to cancel.

Ashleigh whistled and twirled her finger as an order for Caitlin to spin and give her audience a 360-degree view. “No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you,” her friend said. “You look gorgeous.”

Sydney twirled her finger in the other direction and Caitlin obliged her with another turn. “Ash is right. You look perfect. Dammit. I wish I could wear that color.”

“It’s not the dress. It’s Sean,” Caitlin said. “I shouldn’t have said yes.”

“Why not?” Ashleigh asked.

“Because he’s a horn-dog who goes after anything in a skirt. He caught me in a moment of weakness.”

“He was wearing his toga, wasn’t he?” Sydney asked, as if she knew the answer.

“Yes,” Caitlin admitted slowly, although she hadn’t thought about it at the time.

“It’s always the toga,” Ashleigh said. “They’re like Kryptonite to women. We see the thighs and the chest and the arms—”

“Oh, the arms,” Sydney interrupted with a sigh.

“—and our brains shut down,” Ashleigh finished. “I think they know and use the togas against us.”


Coming January 25th!

IT GIRL – Sneak peek #1

itgirlCaitlin Kelly took the outfit to the trailer beside hers and knocked on the door. “What on earth is this?” she asked Glinda Crawford, who played Aphrodite.

The blonde opened the door to invite her in, dressed in her own pink toga. “Aren’t they hideous?” Glinda replied with a laugh.

“What was wrong with good old white?” Caitlin asked.

“Apparently they’re tired of having to deal with the color problem in post-production editing. I heard the material they used for the togas last year didn’t come out well on camera so they want to try this instead.”

Granted, while Glinda’s explanation had sounded weird, it wasn’t completely unbelievable. Depending on lighting and other factors, blue could look white on screen, purple showed up as red, and green turned invisible.

Besides, the two of them weren’t the only ones with the new wardrobe. Caitlin turned when Glinda waved out the window to Chris, who was holding a similar outfit at arm’s length. She couldn’t hear him, but it looked like he was cursing up a storm. “I guess I’d better get changed then. We’re due on set in ten minutes,” Caitlin said.

“I need to finish getting ready too. See you there.”

Glinda smiled when she kicked her out. Caitlin thought nothing of it since the actress was always smiling. Caitlin buttoned herself into the costume and headed to the soundstage. She ran into Mike on the way. They snickered when they saw each other. She and Mike ignored the stares from the crew as they walked in. They had no idea they’d been thoroughly punked until they arrived at the set of Olympus’s banquet hall and found the rest of the cast decked out in regular white togas.

Sean stepped forward. Caitlin should have known. His reputation as a prankster was only beaten by his history as a ladies’ man. It was a shame because he was a good-looking man. Caitlin couldn’t understand why some women dismissed gingers; redheads were sexy as hell, even if one of them did set her up as part of a public spectacle. “Did you guys fall into a vat of Pepto Bismol or what?” he asked, not even trying to keep a straight face.

And that’s, as they say, when the fight started.

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What tea problem?

DSCF1024I see no problem with this picture at all. I fully admit to being a tea snob.

You know those times when you run out of everything at once? The laundry soap, Kleenex, toothpaste, dogfood, and Kraft Dinner? That happened to me a week before Christmas, only I ran out of all my teas at the same time. It was terrible – I had to make do with the old tea bags I had at the back of the cupboard. TEA BAGS, can you imagine my horror?

Anyway, I had to hold out till after Christmas because I knew my lovely parents were giving me a gift card. I made it to the store yesterday and was finally able to stock up. In case you are wondering, here is a list of what I’m drinking these days. They are all black, with one exception.

Top Row:  Honey Black (a new-to-me tea, I can’t wait to try it), Assam Banaspaty (classic, long time favourite, strong and clean flavour), Kenyan Tinderet (newer favourite – full, earthy flavour), Guangzhou Milk Oolong (mellow)

Bottom Row: Glitter and Gold (long time favourite, sweet and spicy), Kashmiri Chai [GREEN] (brand new favourite, fresh and spicy), Irish Breakfast (used to drink it bagged, haven’t tried it as loose tea), English Breakfast (used to drink it bagged, haven’t tried it as loose tea).

This is nearly a pound of tea leaves (about 400 grams). I should be good till June.

Drama Queen on Sale

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Merry Christmas, from me to you!

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braceletHi, folks. I only have two more newsletters going out in 2015.  My regular December one will be coming next week, and then I will have a $0.99 book bargain one on Boxing Day (that’s December 26th to my friends in the States.)

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