Happy 4th Anniversary to me!

LSB_Private Encore_400x533Four years ago today, Rick and Eloise’s story PRIVATE ENCORE premiered to the world. It wasn’t the first romance I’d written, but it was the first one good enough to be published.

I’ve grown a lot as a writer since the, but I am still proud of my jazz singer heroine and her security consultant husband. They started me off on an excellent adventure.


Last year, jazz singer Eloise Bright walked in—and then out—on her husband when he was about to get even for an imagined indiscretion. By the time security specialist Rick Mundy realized he should have trusted his wife over the tabloids, it was too late to save their marriage. Now Rick has the opportunity to make amends when he’s assigned to protect Eloise from a new wave of aggressive reporters and vicious rumors on the eve of her breakout tour. Not only is Rick fighting for a second chance against stories of Eloise in an affair with her singing partner, but Eloise is on the verge of losing her professional reputation before her career even takes off. If they can find the source of the rumors, they could both win. Unfortunately Eloise is only supposed to be in Seattle for a short engagement, which doesn’t leave Rick much time to convince her to give them a private encore.

Find it at Liquid SilverAmazon.com, Amazon.ca, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and All Romance ebooks (ARe).

The Write Cast – episode 4

© Angellodeco | Dreamstime.com - Microphone on live

© Angellodeco | Dreamstime.com – Microphone on live

You’ve completed your first draft. Congratulations!  Now what?

Rewrites and Edits, that’s what! Rewriting gets your story to what you want it to be. Edits make it shine. Join JH Moncrieff, Drew Kozub, and I as we talk about our processes and what happens after THE END. The Write Cast – Episode 4 is free: it’s available on Soundcloud, or you can download it if you’d like to listen on the go.

Our Nation’s Capital

I had a great time at Romancing The Capital earlier this month. (It’s on again for August 3-5, 2017, so mark your calendars.)  This year I went two days early to give myself some time to explore my old stomping grounds. I lived in Ottawa for eight years, and WOW! Have things ever changed. Ottawa is getting a light train/subway. It’s also expanded a lot.

When I lived there as a kid, we had to go to the Parliament Buildings every time family came to visit. BOR-ING.  Now, as an adult, I had to go. Sadly, they were sold out of tours but I did get to go up the Peace Tower.

I have to admit it’s much more interesting as an adult.


Parliament Hill




The locks leading into the Rideau Canal from the Ottawa River. This photo does nothing to show how pretty they actually are.


The Rideau Canal running through Ottawa.


I thought it was International Yoga Day or something, but there is Yoga on the Hill every Wednesday at noon during the summer.


The East Block. (The West Block was under repair, so no pictures of it.)


FREE BOOK – Chris and Sidney and SCREEN IDOL

Hey, I’m celebrating being at Romancing the Capital from May 5th to May 7th by putting my first Hollywood to Olympus novel on sale. SCREEN IDOL is free – check out the first book about the hit show “Olympus”, where stars and mortals are equal victims when it comes to Cupid’s arrow.

Amazon Amazon Canada  – Kobo iTunesBarnes & NobleARe

The Write Cast – episode 3

© Angellodeco | Dreamstime.com - Microphone on live

© Angellodeco | Dreamstime.com – Microphone on live

It’s not always a good day to write. Somedays the words won’t come. And other days, people send them back!

Coping with Rejection is never fun, but if you play the game you have to learn how to deal with it. Drew Kozub, JH Moncrieff and I talk about the ups, and downs, of rejection.

Listen or download for free HERE.

One week from today…

I will be helping register people for ROMANCING THE CAPITAL, in Ottawa, Ontario with the ever-awesome Sadie Haller.

The event has sold out, but there is a FREE BOOK FAIR OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ON SATURDAY, MAY 7th FROM 2 to 4 PM. If you are in the area, please come by and say hello! I’ll have paperbacks to sell, AND a free giveaway!  Plus, there are 50 other amazing authors who would love to meet you. Seriously, bring a friend. You’ll both score big!

The Write Cast – episode 2

© Angellodeco | Dreamstime.com - Microphone on live

© Angellodeco | Dreamstime.com – Microphone on live

It may be April Fool’s Day but this is no joke!  The second Write Cast podcast is out. Join me, J.H. Moncrieff, and Drew Kozub as we talk about Spring Cleaning for Writers! Setting and realigning goals, keeping track of deadlines and receipts, and other helpful hints.

Listen or download for free HERE.