A whole library of sweet romances

When I was a kid, my mom had a subscription to Harlequin romances. For you young 'uns, long before the advent of the internet, you used to be able to sign up for Harlequin to mail a box of four or six Harlequin Presents. Right to your house! Every month! We lived in the country, so this made things even more convenient since she couldn't just pick them up at the grocery store. My mom had boxes of romances in the closet, under the bed, in the basement. Those were some of the first grown-up books I ever read. (Yes, I snuck them, reading a chapter or two at a time when I thought she wouldn't notice. Yes, again, she probably did notice, but let me read them anyway.) 

Now, getting books is a lot easier. They can arrive on your e-reader from over the ether.

I'm in three different groups this month offering free and discounted sweet romances on Bookfunnel. From kings to cowboys to billionaires and every hero in between, check out these options:

Sweet Beach Reads - Head to the beach with these cozy mysteries, rom-coms and romances for sweet readers!

All I want for my Summer Vacation - is this collection of sweet romances, including sweet historicals.

June is for Sweet Romance - get a free sweet romance when you sign up for these author's newsletters

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