Mayan Midnights is out!

Have you read the latest Resort Romance? Love will transport you to the Mayan Riviera for the afternoon for only 99¢! Available everywhere!


Tim’s wingman duties while in the Mayan Riviera are simple: keep the cute but quirky Angie occupied while his friend makes a play for her cousin. He quickly discovers hanging out with Angie isn't a chore, and he finds himself inventing new excuses to be with her.

Angie didn’t expect to catch the attention of a Hollywood producer while on vacation, but Tim’s a great partner in crime as she explores Playa del Carmen, especially since her travel buddy keeps disappearing on her.

However, when she learns their “dates” have simply been Tim keeping her busy, she’s heartbroken, leaving him only two days to prove his interest in her is genuine before he loses her forever.

Find it at: Amazon US, Amazon Canada, iBooks US, iBooks Canada, Kobo US, Kobo Canada, and Barnes and Noble.  International readers can find them at your regional e-tailer site.


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