Sometimes it's love, sometimes it's luck

My boyfriend gave me a gorgeous set of earrings for Christmas. I put them on and hadn't taken them off since I unwrapped them.

Then, two weeks ago, I was going to bed and realized I was only wearing one of them. We tore apart the bed and shook out the bedding. We checked all the sofa cushions, swept the floor, and carefully checked my jacket and scarf and facemasks to see if it was snagged there.

It wasn't. It was gone.

I felt horrible! And guilty about losing a present from my boyfriend.

Fast forward to this past Saturday. I was getting out of the car and happened to look down. There it was. Lying on my driveway. We were having an unseasonably warm day, and enough snow and ice had melted that the silver caught my eye. It wasn't damaged or anything.

Talk about lucky.

I'm extra glad to have been lucky in love as we approached St. Patrick's Day because now I can wear my lucky green earrings on release day. Did you know I have a St. Patrick's Day romance coming out next week? It's only $2.99 during the preorder period. Paperbacks are also available.

"Lucky" Lucy Callahan can fix anything, which is why her boss sent her to the Dew Drop Inn in Holiday Beach, Minnesota. The neglected hotel sounds like the perfect challenge for a woman who likes to bring things to their full potential.

Roy Wagner would happily see the Dew Drop Inn go up in a blaze of glory after the trouble it has caused his family. He’d even supply the marshmallows. He doesn't know what Lucy is doing in town, but he’s sure the relentlessly helpful, happy woman is up to no good. 

Rebuilding a hotel is no easy task, especially when her new neighbor insists that she won’t be able to make the old hotel fit into Holiday Beach’s unique tourist-friendly setting, but Lucy hasn’t failed yet. If she can get Roy on her side, maybe she can convince him that the changes she’s bringing could be a very good thing for him and his hometown.

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