DECKER & JOY is free

Decker, Joy, Pumpkin, Midnight, Stinky, and Spooky all invite you to pick up a free e-copy of DECKER & JOY. You'll find links for Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Google Play. You can also borrow it from your library if they have a copy (and if they don't, feel free to request it!)

Get into the holiday season with the first North Pole Unlimited romance and meet the the folks at the company where romance blooms at Christmas time. (It really blooms in book 2, HOLLIS AND IVY, which is set at a flower shop in Whistler, BC).

For the pet-lovers, let me remind you:

Decker & Joy (1) = 4 kittens

Hollis & Ivy (2) = a rescue parrot

Nick & Eve (3) = golden retriever

Ben & Jilly (5) = a puppy AND multiple kittens

I really tried to work a pet into Rudy & Kris, but Kris runs a bakery and there were a lot of health and sanitation concerns. But it does have reindeer!

Happy reading, and if you're an elf and leave a review, I'll put in a good word for you with Santa.

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