Things to do at home Part 2

The calendar says it’s spring. Is your weather saying the same? We’re slowly melting, but I’ll take the improvement.   

I’m entering my second week of social distancing. This is hard, but doable. I’m still walking daily, but I’m looking for more things to do because even my knitting is losing its appeal. I need to feel productive, so here’s what I’ve been up to.   

1.     Quick cleans. I already did my closet. If it didn't fit anymore, if it was torn/worn and I hadn't got around to throwing it out, if I never liked it in the first place, or if it was barely serviceable and badly out of style, I got rid of it. To be donated, to be tossed, or to be turned into rags. Next up are my dresser drawers. I only need to one at a time. After that, the kitchen cupboards. Then the front and back closets. Even if I only do one a day, I will be close to done by the end of March.   

2.     Photo Albums. I’m finally getting them all organized. If you are a scrapbooker, now’s a good time to catch up on that pile of pictures in the drawer. And for goodness sake, write down the names of people, especially those who aren’t immediate family so the next generation knows why Joe Who has his arm around Aunt Carol! My poor dad has been inundated with photos of “Who is this?”  Spoiler – it was my maternal grandparents’ wedding photo.   

3.     Summer maintenance. The snow will be gone soon. (We can hope.) Odds are good that a lot of our usual summer sports teams will not be organized in time for a full season, so we’ll be on our own. But it’s important to stay active. Check those bike tires. Dust off the rollerblades. (I did this. I discovered I need new knee and elbow pads.) Fix the hole in the goal netting. Get prepared to move that body in the sunshine.   

4.     Play in the dirt. It’s only two months till planting season starts in Winnipeg, and I’m not prepared. I'm plotting out my vegetable garden this summer. I have some seeds left from last year, but I know I can get 3 or 4 packages for under $10 and get 10 times the value in fresh from the backyard produce later. I may expand beyond my regular plots and find extra space this year. After two years of bad tomato harvests, we’re do for a good one, and we have a killer salsa recipe and jars waiting. Also, we finally know what we’re doing with beets and carrots, and they are a tasty treat. I may experiment with something new – like watermelon, pumpkins, or corn.  

5.     Be hometown proud. Even after the borders reopen and flights and hotels are having “back in business” sales, most of us will not be in a place financially to take advantage. Plan now for a stay-cation this summer. Be a province or state booster. You know that museum that you haven’t visited since your fourth-grade field trip? Hit it. The zoo? Wave to the polar bears for me. The big city park with the nice flower gardens? Plan a picnic. There will be lots to do, and now is a good time to do your research on what is available locally.    

We were planning to attend our first Blue Bomber (CFL Football game) this year but I don’t know if the season will still be on, so now I’m looking for alternatives, just in case. We did Lower Fort Garry two years ago. If they are still on, we may try the Morris Stampede, the Morden Corn and Apple Festival, or Stonewall’s Quarry Days. We’re definitely going to the zoo, and one weekend we’re going to Gimli to check out their beach. I see much Googling in my future.    

Keep on keeping on, my friends. This isn’t fun, but it’s the most effective way to stay healthy and keep others safe.   

All the (virtual) hugs, 


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