Big Sale for Kobo readers! (and Kindle)

An international "good morning" to all my #KOBO readers, no matter where you are! (Except my American Kobo people, sorry, but keep reading!)

Spring is on the front steps, and love is in the air. To celebrate, KOBO is running a sale offering 40% of all box sets - including the entire Hollywood to Olympus series! That's 5 complete novels for only $5.99! A lot of you - especially my Canadian friends - are heading into March Break. Whether you are getting away, or are just dealing with the kids at home, be sure to get this for your own private getaway, full of laugh, love, and romance (and rabid, cyborg, panda assassins, but that's only in Action Hero.)

Get the five book Hollywood to Olympus box set at 40% during the boxed set sale! That's only $5.99!

(I've also made this sale available to Kindle readers, so check it out on Amazon.) 

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