Another chance at Christmas romance

Have you been too busy to take any time for yourself as the holidays draw nearer? Take a moment and check out these amazing offers - some are even free so they won't blow your budget.


Christmas Recipes from Romance Writers - Yes, you're reading that right. Get a ton of free cookbooks from various authors for the holidays. In fact, you should send this link to your cooking friends, whether they read romances or not. If you are already subscribed to my newsletter, don't grab my book from that list - get "Holiday Table" free here.

Romance for Christmas - Check out all these free holiday romances. (Current newsletter subscribers can get their free copy of "Decker and Joy" here.)


Squeaky Clean Christmas Romances - if you love Hallmark or GAC holiday movies, look in here for stories with the same sweet heart.  

A Romance for Christmas - Break out the mistletoe - it's Christmas romance time.  

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