Start shopping for the most important person on your list - you

I spy the perfect gift for you. A book. Some are free. Some are on sale. Some are worth every penny of their full price. Check out all of these options to make your December reading extra holly jolly.


I'm in two free giveaways in December. If you are already on my newsletter list, DO NOT CLICK my freebies in these promos. You will be asked to sign up again. Instead, just grab your Elle Rush Freebies directly from the vendors.

If you aren't receiving my news yet, please DO CLICK on my books inside these promotions. A good response from my readers ensures I can get future freebies and sales for you. 

(For the record, in December I am giving away DECKER AND JOY, and for the first time ever, my Christmas cookbook HOLIDAY TABLE with no sign-up required.)

But please do click on these links and check out the amazing freebies you can get. You do need to sign up for emails, but I know most of these writers personally, and I think you'll find it worthwhile:

Christmas Recipes from Romance Writers - Yes, you're reading that right. Get a ton of free cookbooks from various authors for the holidays. In fact, you should send this link to your cooking friends, whether they read romances or not.

First in Series Free - Try some new series for free!


New Time-limited Promos:

Christmas Cheer Free and 99¢ Cozy Mysteries and Sweet Romances - December 1-5 only - Some are free, some are 99¢, but these fantastic deals are only here for a limited time.

First in Series Free Offer - December 1-8 only - Load that e-reader with free romances to get you through the cold, cold winter.


Squeaky Clean Christmas Romances - if you love Hallmark or GAC holiday movies, look in here for stories with the same sweet heart. 

A Romance for Christmas - Break out the mistletoe - it's Christmas romance time. 

These two promos continue to run until December 10th, so grab them while you can:

"But I Only Read Paperbacks" Christmas Gift Guide- If you know a romance reader and need to buy them a gift, I've got you covered. You don't need to know what e-reading device they have, because these are PAPERBACKS! A physical gift to hand out. Because they are all sweet romances, you don't have to worry about giving a sex scene to that nice lady at the office who is always reading, or worry about what Aunt Grace will think. About half of these are Christmas-themed, but there are plenty of others to satisfy all readers.

First in Series Starters - Discover new sweet romance series and new authors by exploring these first-in-series romances.

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