That impossible-to-buy-for person? I've got you covered

Look, I know it's early, but you can buy presents for several people on your list with one stop. (Two stops if you want a freebie for yourself, but you have to keep reading this post to the end.)

If you know a romance reader and need to buy them a gift, I've got you covered. You don't need to know what e-reading device they have, because these are PAPERBACKS! A physical gift to hand out. Because they are all sweet romances, you don't have to worry about giving a sex scene to that nice lady at the office who is always reading, or worry about what Aunt Grace will think. About half of these are Christmas-themed, but there are plenty of others to satisfy all readers

Just find a cover that you like, click through to read the description, and order. Shopping done, AND you've supported an indie romance author. Two good deeds for the price of one, and a job off your to-do list. You're welcome!

No email sign-ups necessary!

"But I Only Read Paperbacks" Christmas Gift Guide


And for yourself, how about starting a new romance series? A bunch of authors are getting together to show off the first books in their sweet romance series. There are more than three dozen series to explore. Free First in Sweet Romance Series


I do have a couple other Bookfunnel promotions that are still running till the end of November. Check out these sweet romances - no newsletter sign-ups required:

Thankful for Sweet Contemporary Romance

Fall Themed Sweet Contemporary Romance

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