FRANK AND GINGER are about to fall in love

Office romances continue to flourish at North Pole Unlimited - especially at Christmastime. This year, Ginger Malone is heading out to Kenora, Ontario one last time before the holidays to talk with Frank Cardinal, the inventor of the most popular toys in the NPU catalog. She asked him out over the summer, and crashed and burned horribly. This visit is going to be all business.

Widower Frank panicked when the beautiful rep asked him out. And his young daughter still hasn't forgiven him for messing up his chances with Ginger. This time, he's going to end their meeting with a date.

Michelle isn't taking any chances. If her dad and Ginger can't see that they're perfect for each other, she's going to have to take drastic measures. With a little encouragement from North Pole Unlimited's star matchmaker, she sets her plan into action.

FRANK AND GINGER will be available on November 15th, but you can pre-order it now.  And just to let you know, the pre-order sale price of $2.99 will only last till the end of November. 

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