Yoga pt 2 – Listen to your body

I’m halfway through my 10-visit hot yoga pass. So far, I’ve learned two things.

1. I truly enjoy hot yoga. I like the mental and the physical parts. I can’t believe it. I never would have guessed I was a yoga girl.

2. I do not enjoy hot yoga in the evenings. I’ve been going to classes that run from 8 to 9pm. Then I come home and have a cool shower. You’d think I’d be ready for bed. Nope. Not happening. Turns out, my body decides it likes being overheated and wants to stay that way for hours. Drinking ice water doesn’t help either. If I take an evening class, I’m up till at least 1am waiting for my body to shut down for the night.

Fortunately, with the fall schedule, I can take morning classes and I’ll be switching to those immediately. All the benefits, none of the sleep deprivation.

I’m sharing this very strange peek into my life to remind you that your body talks to you all the time. You can make it do what you want up to a point. After that, it’s in charge. I’m not just talking about stretching till you feel the burn. If you run without sleep, you will pay. If you don’t fuel it properly, your engine is going to break down. So do yourself a favour and take a minute to listen to what it’s saying. It wants you to be around for a while. Listen to it and you will.