Winter reading list

Today in Winnipeg the temperature was above freezing. Spring is coming. I don’t know how long this thaw is going to last but it definitely signifies the beginning of the end of winter.

Since it’s been so cold, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Here’s what I found:

Darn you, Roxie Rivera!!!  I’ve been reading all of your Russian protector books for the last week non-stop! I’m currently on #4 – Nikolai (and yes, I read the Christmas book.) People, you must read these immediately. And the evil authoress has a second series out with carried-over characters that I’m diving into next called the Fighting Connollys – and I don’t even like boxing. Here, Roxie, just take all of my book money, why don’t you?

Dana Marie Bell (paranormal) – Bear Naked was a book that popped up over and over in the romance threads I haunt so I gave this new-to-me author I try. She’s getting the rest of my money. I have a soft-spot for shape-shifting bears and Dana provided the humour to go along with the sexy. It’s actually book 3 in the Halle series so I have to go back to the beginning, now, right? It’s a rule or something.

Kelley Armstrong (paranormal) – Spellbound. This is the last book in the Women of the Otherworld series and wraps up Savannah the formerly teenaged-witch’s story. I was pleased that Adam finally got his happily-ever-after but I’m going to miss the world she created. (Since Bitten came out, I’ve been rereading the series – next up, Frostbitten.)

Maddy Barone (paranormal) – Wolf’s Glory. This is book 2 in Maddy’s “After the Crash” series. I actually bought 1,2 and 4 but I’m mentioning this one because I loved the various layers it had beyond the initial romance.  She has some great characters that appear in later books. I know this because I met her in person (and she’s awesome!) and she told me so.

Mariana Zapata (contemporary) – Under Locke. If you like Kristen Ashley’s books, give MZ a try. It’s kind of motorcycle-y and definitely tattoo-y if that does it for you. Her book has a slow build but it was good enough for me to keep an eye out for whatever she does next.

I made it through JD Robb’s “In Death” books to #7 and I’m working on #8. I’m hesitant to buy past that because there are a lot of books in that series and they aren’t cheap. What is cheap, however, is the Children’s Hospital Book Market and I know they have lots there so I will take my list and fill in as many blanks as I can.  I also pulled out some old Lora Leigh (Mercury’s War and Coyote’s Mate are my two favourites of hers) and read Kristen Ashley’s latest Kaleidoscope (Colorado Mountain Series.)