Where in the world

We are down to single digit temperatures in Winnipeg and you know what that means? It means it’s time to start making escape plans for February.  I’ve been to Varadero, Cuba and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and loved both experiences so much I set books there. Since I’m running out of places to set my resort romances, I think I have to book a new destination – for research purposes only. I promise not to enjoy myself at all.

Option one is Hawaii. Where in Hawaii? I really don’t care.  Any trip that starts of with you getting lei’d when you get off the airplane can’t be bad (yep, I went there 🙂 )  Seriously, there is some incredible history there and tons of gorgeous beaches for inspiration. And there’s a volcano. I’ve always wanted to visit a volcano!

Option two is Jamaica. I’m more of a vodka girl but there is an entire subset of rum named after this Caribbean island. That must mean they know how to party. Again, there are amazing beaches from what I hear.

Option three is a cruise. The Caribbean is broken into three segments so I could go to any islands I wanted. Unfortunately, the island stops are only for the day. I left this one for last because although I hear the food and shows are decadent, I’ve never been at sea before.

I don’t actually get to book any of these trips. It’s all a nice daydream. In the real world, I’ll curl up under a blanket and keep a sharp look-out for falling white stuff.

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    1. Elle Post author

      Me too! I listed it first for a reason. If we have another winter like the last, I think I’m going to try to go in March, pocket book be damned!

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