When it’s good to be bad


Sometimes you just know. If there are four 1-star reviews and one 4-star reviews, and it tanked at the box office, and you can tell by the trailer and commercials that it’s not going to have any deeper philosophical themes than “damn, that blew up really well!”, you know.

It doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be a fun movie.

I saw Blackhat in the theater yesterday with a friend who I talked into going with me. I looked at it over the weekend but I figured I’d be less disappointed if I only paid half-price for it. To be fair, I warned Ross twice that it had been thoroughly panned, and he assured me we could make fun of it during and afterwards, so we did. Honestly, it was mostly me.

In case you missed it, Blackhat is a Michael Mann (of Miami Vice fame) film starring Chris Hemsworth (Thor) in a non-superhero action role. And if you went into the theatre understanding that, the movie was actually a lot of fun.

First of all, you have to know your Miami Vice. I knew it back in the 80s. Chris Hemsworth was TOTALLY Sonny Crockett/Don Johnson, down to the shaggy blondish hair and the light linen shirts. The music could have been out of Miami Vice 2: The Jakarta Connection. (Soundtrack controversy aside, it was good enough that I’d buy the soundtrack but I’d still like to hear the original version.)

Then there was the Bourne trilogy homage where the heroes were actually on the run from the good guys and the bad guys and blowing stuff up because reasons. (I’m not going to spoil it for you; I want you to see it.)

Okay, one spoiler: when the guy who plays Viola Davis’s partner – he’s not yet credited on IMDB and I can’t remember who his is, the US Marshall character – first appeared, I leaned over and whispered in Ross’s ear, “Spoiler alert. He dies. He always dies.” Honestly, that poor guy is just behind Sean Bean and Cole Hauser for on-screen deaths.  (Somebody please tell me his name, it’s driving me nuts!)

Blackhat was a good, long meaty piece of fun and it deserves better ratings than it’s been getting. It’s a great $5 Tuesday movie, although I admit I’d be upset if I’d paid $10+.  And it was much, much, MUCH better than Lucy

Three stars.

2 thoughts on “When it’s good to be bad

  1. Melanie Ting

    But the trailer for Lucy looked so goooood! I saw Lucy on the plane, and therefore paid nothing—except for Botox to get rid of the forehead wrinkles from squinting at a tiny screen.

    1. Elle Post author

      Did you see the ending? Where she turned into a freaking computer?!?! I don’t understand how Scarlett Johannson and Morgan Freeman could both be in a movie that was so terrible. The trailer was great – awesome premise. Then it got worse, and worse. Then it hit WTF territory and then it got even worse. I didn’t know that was even possible!

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