When genre-crossovers go wrong

© Neil Mey | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Neil Mey | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I had a great idea (after eating a lot of chocolate). I’ve been thinking of expanding my writing comfort zone by branching in to other genres. Vampires have been popular for years but to make them unique I need to combine them with something that hasn’t been done before. I think there is a ton of untapped potential out there just waiting for someone to take the initiative and go for it. For instance:

Spy/Vampire crossovers:

Dr. No Pulse

Diamonds and Sparkly Vampires are Forever

Tomorrow Never Dies and Neither Do Vampires

Vampires versus The Living Daylights


Since titles can’t be copyrighted, I don’t even need to be original:

Live and Let Die

View to a Kill

You Only Live Twice

Die Another Day


You know, after looking at this list and considering the scrapes 007 has gotten out of plus the fact that all the women love him, perhaps it’s already been done and I just never noticed…

It’s not just thrillers that this works with.  How about some a vampire/high seas adventure crossover called “Vampirates of the Caribbean” or a vampire/cartoon for kids called “Lady and the Vamp”?

I’m sensing you don’t share my enthusiasm for these future best-sellers.

Perhaps I should lay off the Easter chocolate.