Vegas, baby

Caesar’s Palace – an oldie (relatively speaking) but a goodie

I recently got to go to Las Vegas for the first time.  The trip was terribly disappointing on several levels.  It was abnormally cold and wet.  It rained for two days.  It actually got down to one degree above freezing.  The biggest disappointment was the utter lack of Elvis impersonators.  I mean, have you ever seen a television show or movie set in Vegas where there wasn’t at least one Elvis on screen, if not a convention going on?  No.  Hollywood lies!

The Bellagio. I don’t have to say more. Decadence in action.

There was a lot to make up for it though.  I highly recommend the “Village People Jackpot Party” slot machine.  Or the “Super Jackpot Party” machine.  Or the “House Jackpot Party” one.  The Super one pays out the best but you can sing along to the Village People one.

The fountains of the Bellagio, looking from the casino across the street onto Paris and the Eiffel Tower

Despite the heartbreaking Elvi drought, Sin City is drowning in inspiration.  There are bachelor and bachelorette parties everywhere you look.  Every casino has a chapel.  And the excess is truly awe-inspiring.

On my first day there, I was saying “look at the people walking down the Strip with drinks in their hands.”  On my last day there, I was one of the people walking down the Strip with a drink in my hand.  Inside a casino, there is no night or day.  Only win or lose.  And when you are there, you don’t care.

New York Casino. That line in front is the roller coaster track which goes around the outside of the building. They don’t do things small in the Big Apple. Not visible in this shot is the Statue of Liberty, but it’s there.

You can set a romance in Las Vegas and still have any setting you want.  Paris, Venice, New York City.  Do you want to go back further.  How about ancient Egypt or Greece?  Vegas has it all.

Want to see the highs?  Watch someone on a roll at a Craps table, or a gambler having a lucky streak at Roulette or Blackjack.  Want to see the lows?  Check out the ATMs by the cashier’s booths and watch someone take out $500 with a $75 transaction fee.  Marvel at the woman in flip flops playing a slot machine next to a woman in two thousand dollar shoes and note that they are ignoring each other equally in their chase of three across.

And if that still doesn’t inspire you, there’s always these items, found next to the five pound gummy bear in the candy store: