I love lists. But they can be tricky. It’s easy to put items on a list; it’s a lot harder to tick them off. I’ve had the same to-do list for the last two months. In the last three days, I’ve put my head down, worked my butt off, and accomplished the first five things, including sending two books out on submission. Resort Romances # 2 and Hollywood to Olympus # 2 have been submitted for consideration to my respective publishers. That is two books down in each series, two more to go.

Two is an important number this month. I have two more multi-part projects and that list will be clear. Ideally, this will happen by the end of the month. (It had better – one of those things is filing my income tax.)

Then I can start May fresh, with a brand new list.

I can tell you now… it’s a doozy.

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  1. Elle Post author

    Thanks, Holli. I’m going to try the Seinfeld method you mentioned on your blog. It’s obviously working well for you – congrats on your news too.

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