The Unpredictibility of Trees

Last week, while Winnipeg was experiencing a heat wave worthy of July, I grabbed my camera and wandered through residential areas for two hours, snapping pictures of all the gorgeous leaves and trees (and I can’t share them with you because I can’t find my cord.)

Here’s the thing.

My across-the-street neighbour has a tree which, I assumed, was exactly like every other tree on the street. Apparently not. Her tree dropped all of its leaves last week. It’s bare. She spent the weekend outside with a leaf blower and her front yard looks pristine and green.

My tree, however, still has a few green leaves yet among all the yellows, and they are all still attached. Unfortunately, I have leaves that have blown into my yard and are thick around the edges of the driveway and the street.

I don’t know whether to get out there and do a quick clean up, or be that person and save my energy until my own leaves fall. Until it drives me nuts to look out the window, I think I’ll leave them. I’m going to say they are a part of the autumn experience and should be enjoyed as long as possible.

PS – this wouldn’t be an issue if those darned trees got organized. Oaks and elms, unite!

2 thoughts on “The Unpredictibility of Trees

  1. Crystal

    It’s times like these that I’m happy I don’t have to deal with the leaf situation (benefit of living in an apartment). I wouldn’t judge you at all if you waited until they all fell to get out your rake!

    1. Elle Post author

      Thanks. I’m standing firm. The trees need to finish before I start. Is it bad that I smiled a little when my neighbour’s freshly raked lawn was covered again two days later?

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