The rules for Christmas

DSCF0936I have three big Tupperware bins of Christmas decorations (in addition to the box the my tree is in). Some years I do the bare minimum; other years I’m more inspired when it comes to decorating. This year I’ve been wanting to get the decorations out for a month already. These halls of mine are going to be DECKED!

Some people like a decorated tree, as in professionally decorated where the balls are colour coordinated with the garland and the white lights compliment the whole look. I admit those trees can be very pretty but they don’t belong in my house.

My tree is mine and it shows. I have lots of strings of lights – coloured, not white. I have at least two ropes of garland that are not the same colour and they generally match as well as you’d expect. (I have silver, gold and orange. I may pick up a blue this year so I can mix and match better.) And I have ornaments spanning three generations, which is pretty cool. I don’t have many complete sets of ornaments. I have lots of partials, though, where a few have been broken. I choose to think that uneven numbers of things add character. I also have a lot of individual ornaments that I’ve picked up on my travels or that have been given to me by friends. And all of the ornaments have a home on my tree – no matter how squished it gets.

My Christmas tree tells a story- my story- and I love it in all its imperfections. Although, like Charlie Brown taught us, there is really no such thing as a bad tree. That’s why I’m giving you a picture with my mismatched colours and wonky ornaments and everything. For a few weeks every year, my history is on display for everyone to see and for me to remember. I hope you enjoy my decorations as much as I do.


By the way, we had other rules. Like – if a cookie was broken, we couldn’t serve it to guests. It was funny how many cookies crumbled as we transferred them from the baking pans to the cooling rack. Since they were unfit for company, we had to eat them. The ways we suffered. There was another rule about how early we could start playing Christmas albums. (Yes, albums as in vinyl records. Yes, I am that old.) But my dad worked a lot and what happened before he got home that he didn’t know about didn’t hurt anybody.

Now go grab the eggnog. Let’s get this party started!