The Bucket List review 2012


Colourful Buckets © Jamie Wilson |

Colourful Buckets © Jamie Wilson |

Do you have a bucket list?  I do.  I’ve had one for about 5 years now and there are always about 40 things on it.  I consider it a good year if I get four things crossed off.  This year, I managed my usual 10%:

1. Make my own jam/jelly.  And I did it with apples from my own tree, thank you very much.

2. Visit New York City.  I arrived a week after Superstorm Sandy.  It was still fabulous.

3. Ride a subway.  No, I never had before.  I took pictures.

4. Publish a book.  “Private Encore” was published by Liquid Silver Books in June of this year.

You know, four things doesn’t sound like a lot until you consider that over the last five years, that is half of my original bucket list.  The list itself will never be completed but imagine how much I’ll have scratched off by the time I’m done.

2013 – here I come!