The age-old dilemma

blogAfter spending several days in the company of some wonderful writers in Seattle at the Emerald City Writers’ Convention, I have come to an unavoidable conclusion.

I need to read more.

I have my favourite authors, of course, but there are best-selling authors whose name I recognize but whose books I haven’t read. It’s the age-old reader’s problem: too many books, too little time. They are popular for a reason and I’m probably missing out. On a lot. I hate missing out on good books.

Fifteen. I have fifteen new authors to try, and two months to do it. That is about a book and a half a week. I’d make an “Oh, no, how can I be expected to do that?” joke, but let’s be honest. It isn’t going to be a hardship. Even better, I’m pretty sure I have some of these books on my shelves that I just haven’t cracked the covers on yet.

So, please excuse me while I wear a new indentation into my chair by the window.

I have work to do.

PS – I’m still taking recommendations. Which contemporary romance authors would you tell me to try?

3 thoughts on “The age-old dilemma

    1. Elle Post author

      I haven’t cracked a book in two weeks. And I read very few in the two weeks before that. Shocking, I know. I think it’s the crocheting. I can watch TV and crochet, or watch TV and read, but I can’t read and crochet because I need my hands.

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