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Hollis and Ivy – Sneak Peek

Only a week until Hollis and Ivy will hit your e-reader. Is December 11th circled on your calendar? I thought I’d tease you a little with a snippet from this sweet romance.

You can pre-order it now from Amazon, Amazon.ca, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Google Play.


There were numerous chain coffee shops in the village, but Hollis preferred to try independents when he travelled. A food truck with “Coffee Run” painted on the side, set up on the street beside the main parking lot had caught his attention. It was brilliant marketing for a town built on ski slopes.

He wasn’t the only one with caffeinated intentions. Sunlight was barely peeking over the mountains, signifying the beginning of the ski day, and the line was trailing off after the morning rush. Hollis found himself standing next to a tall, gangly man with a red and white striped hat and matching sweater. A woman in a wool coat—obviously not a skier—fell in behind him.

The service was quick, the drinks were steaming, and the sugar was on the ledge beside the order window, beside a wide-mouthed jar of biscotti. Hollis took a deep whiff of his coffee before setting his cup on the counter. As he tucked his gloves in his pocket, he took a step to the side to make room for the next customer.

“Good morning. The usual?” the man in the truck asked.

“Make it a double, Joel. Thanks.”

Something about the woman’s voice made him smile. Clear and light and a little husky, like she was used to speaking quietly. He noticed it had the same effect on the food truck worker, who offered her a big grin. “One of those days, huh? Don’t worry, Ivy, we’ve got you.”

Then she directed that voice his way. “Excuse me, please.” She pointed at the biscotti container, and Hollis sidled sideways two more steps. He wasn’t about to come between a woman and her cookie. She grinned, and it hit him twice as hard as her voice. She was gorgeous. Her long, dark brown hair matched her eyes, and her friendly but anxious “Coffee, coffee, yay coffee” whisper made him laugh. A puff of wind brought the scent of spring, a reminder of it even though winter had barely begun.

She used the tongs to pull a long, chocolate-topped cookie from the jar. He wasn’t sure of her next move; it happened too quickly to see. But after that, he saw her arm jerk, and watched in amazement as the cookie went up, executed a perfect backwards, double twist, and splashed down in his coffee.

Nobody spoke. Until she gave a horrified gasp and said, “And I’d like to buy the handsome man in the tan jacket a biscotti.”

Decker and Joy – Sneak Peek

Decker and Joy is coming soon. The only thing better than a holiday romance is a holiday romance with kittens!  To celebrate the launch of my new North Pole Unlimited series, this sweet romance is only $0.99 until New Year’s Day.

You can pre-order your e-copy at Amazon, Amazon.ca, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Google Play.  The book goes live everywhere on November 13th.


Is that what a bed of nails felt like? Decker had been examining the store’s merchandise, looking to see if E.L.V.I.S. was misplaced behind any of the massive bags of dog food, when an unknown assailant jammed a dozen knives into his back. He was ex-police and a private detective; nobody should have gotten the drop on him. He’d scanned the store when he entered. He was the only person in it, aside from Joy. She was unnervingly pretty with her auburn hair and brown eyes, but she hadn’t registered as a cold-blooded killer.

The razors trying to sever his spine moved. Decker tensed his thighs, preparing to spring backward and crush the attacker against one of the metal shelving racks, when a warm hand fell on the back of his neck. He stilled instantly.

“Don’t move,” Joy whispered.

Decker felt a slight pressure, and then the needles were extracted from his skin, one by one. He slowly stood and wondered if he’d get to the emergency room before he bled to death. One of the blades may have hit an artery.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Joy asked.

“I’m not sure.” He wasn’t light-headed, and he was moving okay. There was surprisingly little pain. He might make it.

“I was talking to the cat.”