Summer of Finishing Things

You know that list of things you have to do. Not urgent things, not vital things, but those things that you’d really like taken care of someday? Those nagging little chores that are always at the back of your mind when you’re trying to fall asleep?

I’m doing all the things.

I have decided that my list of half-finished projects and can-wait purchases and it’s-just-one-stop errands has hit maximum capacity and I need to take some things off of it. I’ll sleep easier and having them done will make my life easier. I’m worth a little of my own effort.

Career-wise I’ve signed up for a writers conference in October and I have the same kind of professional list. There are a handful of nearly completed works-in-progress on my hard-drive that aren’t doing me any good. I need to finish them, edit them, and send them out into the world. I also need to look to the future; it’s not all books, it’s also marketing and accounting and all kinds of things I need to organize now before my schedule shifts in the fall.

That makes this summer – June 15 to October 15 – The Summer Of Finishing Things. I may not have my entire life in order by Thanksgiving but I certainly intend to have it on track.

I’m being realistic about how many I’m going to finish. It’s not going to be all of them. To make it look more impressive I’ve broken some of them down into steps so I can see that I’ve at least started. As it stands, I have 15 things on my writing list and 39 on my personal list. 37 after this afternoon, actually. I’m sure that I will add to it as the summer

20. buy new step-stool for kitchen/laundry room.

21. buy new phone.

So to start things off this evening, I’m going to finish the open bottle of red wine in my fridge.