Summer (Book) Lovin’ – Part One

free photo booksIt was a good summer for books. I read some new releases from some long-time favourite authors, revisited a few writers that I’d tried before and even took a chance on some new-to-me names.

Maya Banks: Burn. I won a digital copy from Ms. Maya Banks herself the weekend before I left on vacation (talk about timing). I’m sorry to report that this story causes wardrobe damage. I know this because I’m pretty sure at least two pairs of panties melted with some of those scenes. HOT STUFF! And sorry, Gabe, but Ash is definitely my favourite Breathless hero.

Debra Kayn: Breathing His Air. I must admit that I’ve never been on a Harley but all the motorcycle clubs that are appearing in romances these days are convincing me that I’m missing something.  Rain was one hot hero and I’m trusting DK’s new book about (SPOILER REDACTED) will be even hotter.

Marie Hall: Her Mad Hatter. I’m not a huge fan of messing with the classics but MH’s take on Alice In Wonderland will leave your head spinning and heart breaking. Oh, my word, the Hatter! *sigh*

Kristen Ashley: Rock Chick Revolution. Rock Chick #8 came out the Tuesday before my holidays started. It was a fun way to wrap up a series I’ve enjoyed from book 1. I loved what we learned about Ally but wish we could have learned more about Ren. I’m pleased to see that some of my favourite fictional people are going to reappear in an upcoming series. I have to admit I do love the carry-over between KA’s series. Lots of people got their happy endings in Revolution, which romance is all about.

More to come…