STAR DRIVER – a guest post by Lynn Rae

playingthepartI’d like to introduce fellow Liquid Silver Books author Lynn Rae, whose new release “Playing The Part” is just out.

I love books with actor heroes (shocker, I know!) so this one looks like lots of fun. I asked Lynn which three actors she would most like to play chauffer to, and hers what she said.

Star Driver

By Lynn Rae

When Elle asked me what celebrity I’d like to drive me around, in a spin on the plot of my new book Playing the Part, my mind immediately turned to Katharine Hepburn. I’d have had a great time listening to her tell tales from old Hollywood and I bet she’d have been willing to stop for a burger on the way. But since she’s no longer with us, it seems safer if I’d pick some living stars to play chauffeur.

For a driving tour of Los Angeles, I’d like it if Steven Spielberg would take me around. His insights into filmmaking and the landscape of the area would be fascinating. We could talk about computer generated images, World War II, genetic engineering, and what galaxy he thinks E.T. came from.

A gal has to eat, so the person who I’d choose to take me on a restaurant hop would be Simon Pegg. He’s sharp-witted and I think he’d get into the whole pub-crawl aspect of the thing. We could stop by food trucks for great fusion tacos, hit a froyo place and load up on the weirdest toppings, and then wind up the evening in an old-school diner for good coffee, a slice of pie, and some conversation about what it takes to translate humor from the written page to the screen.

Finally, I’d want to spend some time with Cate Blanchet. This would of course entail a visit to Australia, a place I’ve always wanted to go. She could give me a tour of Sydney and we could chat about the making of both the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit films and she could give me the inside scoop on all those fabulous clothes she wears.

About her new book PLAYING THE PART

Independent Melanie Sheraton has to hustle for odd jobs in her small town to eke out a living. When the opportunity to act as a driver for some movie folks comes up, she jumps at the chance to earn an extra paycheck. What she didn’t bank on was one of her passengers invading her imagination, something she resists since no movie star would ever be interested in her.

At a crossroads in his professional life, action star Thomas ‘Wheeler’ Locke is in Ohio for a role he hopes will launch his career in a new, serious direction. Instead of concentrating on his acting, he finds himself growing more and more distracted by his feisty driver and her irascible ways.

Dancing around the attraction growing between them, both Mel and Thomas struggle to maintain their distance as the time for filming grows short. Will a reunion at the movie’s London premiere bring them together, or will their disparate lives keep them apart?

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