Romancing the Capital 2015

Romancing The Capital

Last weekend I went to my very first reader convention. I’ve been to writer conventions before, where the emphasis was on craft workshops and editor pitches, but I wasn’t sure what to expect at a reader con.


I was a romance reader before I was a romance author. I have favourite authors and auto-buys and I’m always on the lookout for more to add to my never-ending list. This convention was both good and bad to that.

I’m not always good at approaching strangers but I had a built in topic to talk about. We were all romance fans – it was the reason we were there. So whenever I met somebody, I asked who their favourite authors were and which book they’d recommend to a new reader.

It was a bad idea.

Not that anyone refused to talk to me. In fact, I met a lot of people and even made some new friends out of the deal. Hello, new friends!

The problem is now that I have a bunch of new authors and books to try and I don’t have the budget to get them all at once. I’m talking over two pages of recommendations spanning at least four different genres. How amd I supposed to ration my reading when the list is sitting beside my computer taunting me?

Okay, it’s not a truly terrible problem to have. Especially since I won an Amazon gift card and got a veritable bagful of free books and other swag from the super generous authors who attended.

If you are a romance fan, I cannot say enough good things about this conference. You should definitely put this into your calendar; the most amazing Eve Langlais is already planning a sequel in 2016. (Give her a few days to get the website updated.) It is so much fun. And it’s in the nation’s capital. Next year I’m going to take a couple of extra days and play tourist.

I wish I had a photo of all the swag and gifts I won, but frankly I came home and slept for two days. Maybe soon.