PURSUIT starts in 2 weeks

Pursuit 1Technically, it arrives. PURSUIT is the first book in my new romantic suspense series set in Winnipeg.


A year ago, Sergeant Eric Parker lost his fiancée because of his job as a police detective, and he’s regretted it ever since.  When an old case throws them back together, he’ll use every trick short of handcuffing her to his bed to win her back.

Bree Collingswood has moved on. Her career is on the upswing, and she’s over the unexpected implosion of her engagement. She insists Eric isn’t on her hot-guy radar any more, even if nobody else believes they are over for good.

When a string of homicides in Winnipeg is linked to a single killer, tensions in the city sky-rocket. And when Bree catches the Calendar Killer’s attention, Eric knows the best way to keep her safe is not to send her away again, but keep her closer than ever.

Coming to an e-tailer near you on July 19th. Hang on – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!