Please join me for the 12 Days of Geek-mas

12DaysGeekmas1Please join me as I host Day 4 of the Twelve Days of Geek-mas!  It is hosted by Girls that Geek on FB (that’s where the good stuff is!)

We are talking about our favourite geek heroes in books, television shows, and movies.

My favourite geek hero is Curtis from Puerto Vallarta Sunsets. The book is one sale in celebration of this event.

People who leave a comment on any of my posts today will be entered to win an Amazon gift card, a paperback copy of “Candy Cane Kisses” or an e-book of “Screen Idol.”  As well, they’ll be entered for the big Geek-mas grand prize.

Check out the other days too for more giveaways and geeky goodness!