October Reading List

free photo booksI may have gone a wee bit overboard when it came to books in September. I couldn’t help myself – so many of my favourite writers had new releases that my wallet acted of its own accord!

TO DIE FOR  by Linda Howard. A funny, sexy mystery with a great cast of characters. I loved it. (Apparently, Howard writes funny mysteries and more serious ones. I prefer the funny ones but you should definitely try both.)

NOT YOUNG, STILL RESTLESS by Jeanne Cooper. I found “The Young and the Restless” in high school and Katherine Chandler was the queen of the screen. Jeanne Cooper’s bio runs from her first days as a contract movie player, through the early days of Y&R up to when the book was written in the late 2000s. Ms. Cooper has since passed away but her story is a great read (with lots of backstage glimpses of Hollywood if that appeals to you.)

ROCK ADDICTION (book 1) and ROCK COURTSHIP (novella 1.5) by Nalini Singh. Singh is quite possibly my favourite romance writer ever. She usually writes paranormal romances but for this new series, she’s moved to contemporary times in New Zealand and Los Angeles. It’s a huge change from her usual fare but I recommend it for its scorching hot rockers.

STORM by Nina Levine. I got onto a motorcycle club romance kick a while back and I jumped back on with Levine’s STORM series. Bossy alpha males, strong women who are sometimes in distress and fun all over. As an interesting twist, this particular MC is located in Australia. I inhaled the first 4 books of this series in a week and I’m now waiting for the author to catch up.

A SEDUCTIVE MELODY by Christa McHugh (Part of the Rockers After Dark collection). This is book 5 of the Kelly Brothers series but I jumped in without a problem. Ethan is a tough hero to like at first, a drug addict who is going through recovery, but his fight is part of the reason you’ll fall in love with him (just like Becca did.) A heartstring-pulling romance.