November reading list

My TBR (to be read) pile was threatening to topple over and crush me in a flood of books  – okay, some of them were e-books and the toppling was metaphorical – so I took matters in hand and have been reading my little heart out for the last couple weeks. Here are some of the winners I’ve found. As usual, there are some familiar names in here because I know a good thing when I find it, and there are some new-to-me writers.  I think this time I expanded beyond my usual strictly-romance choices but we’ll see as we go along. I’m not going to give a summary of the books (you can find out more by clicking the links); I’ll just tell you what I thought of them.

SEAL Team 13 by Evan Currie.  Supernatural action-adventure. I’ve been reading Evan’s stuff for years and loved an earlier version of this book when it was a fan fiction work. He’s taken it and made it his own and has done a good job of it. His TV-loving roots still peek through (naming a NCIS agent Biggs? *shakes head*) but it was a fast, fun read and I’m definitely waiting for the sequel.

Forever Bound – a collection of Vampire/Werewolf Romances by Cynthia Eden. Paranormal romance. I picked up this collection a long time ago when it was on sale and finally got around to reading it. Then I kicked myself in the butt for waiting so long. There are four stories in this bundle and I enjoyed them all. She’s got a neat mythology going and I’m going to be searching to see if there are any more stories in this series.

Soothing His Madness by Debra Kayn. Contemporary romance. This is the third story in the Bantorus series and I have to admit that I like bad boy with a heart of gold Slade more than Raul (book 2) and possibly more than Rain (book 1). I’ve never met the author but I’m blaming Debra for the fact that I now want to ride a motorcycle for the first time in my life. She’s created a living, breathing MC on paper and I’m pretty sure I could navigate my way through her town of Pitnam. I’m looking forward to my next visit. There is going to be another visit, isn’t there, Ms. Kayn?

Shooter by Dahlia West. Contemporary romance. And another book about some motorcycle riding hunks. The heroine has a tragic back story but I thought it was well done.  (And it was a tragedy that actually was a real event, not a stupid one, which I’ve read too many of lately.) Thank goodness the hero has four more buddies so I can enjoy more of these books.

Tall, Dark and Hungry – an Argeneau novel by Lynsay Sands. Vampire romance. This series is like candy. Sweet to read and then you move on. They always have a sense of humour and put a smile on my face. They also always have an interfering mother but that’s (the Argeneau) family for you. I think I’ve made my way through the series by now but I always pick up her books to make sure I haven’t missed on.

Naked in Death (#1) and Glory in Death (#2) by J.D. Robb.  Romance/mystery. Okay, shoot me, I’m a romance writer who hasn’t read La Nora before. I got the first two books of the “In Death” series out of the library and inhaled them this weekend. I’ve since ordered the next three. I like Eve but I love Roarke. Oh, this couple is going to be so much fun to fall in love with! And the mysteries are great too.

That took a dent out of the pile but I still have miles to good and pages to read before I sleep. Till next time.