FALL A MILLION TIMES is out today!

Need some good luck? Let's see if some rubs off from Andie and Freddy, who won both the lottery and in love!

She's a retired hockey player. He's a retired soldier. And now they're both millionaires.

How do you start over? You find someone to lean on.

Andie Ronald has all kinds of luck. The bad kind where an injury ends her professional hockey career, and the good kind where she wins part of a fifty-million-dollar jackpot a couple months later. Now she's back in Hopewell with nothing but time on her hands, and a dream that may be out of reach if she doesn't accept a little help from her friends—especially Freddy.

Co-winner Freddy Turnbull used his share of the lottery winnings to buy a fixer-upper and start his own construction company, but after a series of accidents, all the plans he's building with Andie could come tumbling down.

When Andie puts up walls to protect herself after a huge loss, Freddy must share his own problems before he can help Andie with hers. These two fiercely independent millionaires must remember strength comes from helping each other up and dusting each other off before they get to the happy ending they deserve.

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