Happy 2020!

I saw a terrific post about "20 in 2020." It was about doing something twenty times in the new year.

I love fresh starts and making new resolutions, so I'm taking "20 in 2020" to the absolute limit by making a list of 20 things to do! Over half of these are one-shot items to get a little more organized for the new decade, but isn't it nice to have a clean start to the year?

Okay, here we go! Take a look and see if there are any you'd like to adopt.

Elle's 20 resolutions and goals for 2020

1.     Purge 20 books (sell in a garage sale, donate, or throw away.) 

2.     Purge 20 DVDs and/or CDs. 

3.     Get rid of 20 pieces of clothes that no longer fit or are worn out.

4.     Unsubscribe from 20 newsletters. 

5.     Leave or unfollow 20 online groups. 

6.     Throw out 20 old margarine/sour cream/yogurt containers and lids.

7.     Listen to 20 songs by artists I've never listened to before.

8.     Taste 20 new foods or drinks.  

9.     Make 20 new recipes during the new year 

10.  Walk for 20 minutes a day (a 10-minute stretch break/walk in the morning and afternoon, or at lunch and after work, really loosen up your back after sitting at a desk for a couple hours). 

11.  Throw away 20 pens that ran out of ink/dried-up markers/pencil stubs 

12.  Write and post 20 book/product/restaurant reviews. 

13.  Pick up 20 pieces of litter from a park/beach. 

14.  Pick 20 photos of myself – alone or with friends and/or family - and display them. 

15.  Throw away 20 things from the junk drawer. 

16.  Study a foreign language for 20 minutes at least once a week. (I was a language major and I want to get these skills back.)

17.  Send 20 real, paper cards to people in the mail throughout the year (birthday to thinking-of-you to Christmas).

18.  Knit/crochet 20 items to donate to a charity. (I love to knit, and made 16 last year, so this is a reasonable goal for me.)

19.  Skip buying 20 coffees or lunches and save that money for a special treat. 

20.  Put $20 in a jar every payday as a vacation fund.

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