My brain is full/ECWC part 2

© Dana Rothstein |

This is me after the conference, passed out, exhausted, on a pile of books. (Can I just say that one of the best things about attending a writer’s conference is that the swag bags are FULL OF BOOKS AND PENS!  How awesome is that!  Of course, you go home too hyped to read because you have OMG a million things to write and correct but between the swag and the book fair I am now confident I can get through the winter.) Where was I? Oh, yes, ECWC.  Three days of amazing workshops and speakers.

This was my second year at ECWC and again it was worth the trip.  There are two reasons to go to a writing conference: to attend workshops and hope to improve your skills, and to network.  This year happened to be more of a networking year.    I met some fabulous ladies – fellow authors as well as publishing people.  I also discover that I have to write a suspense/action romance because there were a lot of great speakers who opened up a ton of reference options and I need a reason to dive in.

ECWC is a smaller conference.  I think they cap attendance at 300 people.  That is a really good size for me.  They have lots of options when it comes to workshops and lots of ladies (there were a few gentlemen) who write in every genre under the sun.  You can’t help but hope some of the genius surrounding you rubs off.  If you write and have the opportunity to go to one, GO!  Don’t worry if it’s not RWA or one of the big ones.  A local conference is a great way to meet fellow writers and learn your craft.  (And did I mention, probably get some free books and pens, which is like Aladdin’s cave for us writer folks.)

I also had the good fortune to run into some friends from last year.  It’s great to see familiar faces and even better when they have good news to share.  Congrats to all my buds who made sales in the last year!

Now I’m anxiously awaiting announcements for next year.