Lust in the Wind

I explored my artistic side last night. My good friend Lori found something called “Paint Nite” and we decided to try it out. You pay your fee, go to the bar, buy yourself a drink, and you are provided with everything you need to paint a picture. Considering I failed art in middle school I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

Here is the sample painting from Talia Keyton:

Lust in the Wind - Talia Keyton






And here is what I ended up with (after only one white cranberry mimosa):






Pretty good considering we had white, red, blue and black paint to work with. It was a really good time with a great friend. And I’d definitely go to another Paint Nite, although they seem to be sold out months in advance.

I was very nervous going in. I knew nobody was going to laugh at me, but I was still scared I’d embarrass myself. Then I said to myself, “Thelma,” –sometimes I call myself Thelma — “Thelma,” I said, “you just go for it and paint what you want to paint and it will all work out in the end.”

And it did.

4 thoughts on “Lust in the Wind

  1. Crystal

    I’ve been wanting to give a painting night a try, but have been feeling a little shy about diving in. So glad you loved it – the painting is fabulous!

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