July reading list

free photo booksAfter a particularly miserable June, July has dawned sunny and bright and full of days to read out outside on a lawn chair (mosquitoes permitting.) So what should you be reading? Here’s a list of what I currently have on the go:

SAVING ITALY – THE RACE TO RESCUE A NATION’S TREASURES FROM THE NAZIS by Robert M Edsel.  This is by the same man who wrote the book “The Monuments Men”, recently turned into a movie starring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray and a ton of other notables. I tried reading that book but I felt it was a little dry after seeing it played out in a much more exciting format on the silver screen. This book is going a lot smoother since I don’t have a preconceived idea of how the story is going to play out. The men and women on the Monuments teams and the locals they worked with were truly exceptional people trying to save little pieces history in the middle of a war so people would have something to come home to. I’m looking forward to the rest of it.

NEVER DEAL WITH DRAGONS by Lorenda Christensen.  Dragons are cool. Sexy dragons are even cooler. Dragons, people, need I say more?

NO IFS, ANDS OR BEARS ABOUT IT by Celia Kyle. I read one of Ms.l Kyle’s freebie books and was not impressed with it but since I like to try at least 2 books by a prolific author to make sure I won’t be missing anything if I scratch them off my list, I found another series and tried it. I’m so glad I did. There’s nothing wrong with sexy shifter series but FUNNY, sexy shifter series are so much better and this one hits the marks. Besides, bears are my favourites of all the shifters. (Yeah, I know that one book ago I said dragons were super cool – and they are – but they still aren’t bears.)

DEAD OR ALIVE by Tom Clancy – The Jack Ryan Jr books are all co-written, but I love them anyway. I have them all but the last 2 made it onto my TBR pile with me actually cracking the covers, so I’m starting over and am currently elbow deep into book 2. Nobody writes thrillers like Clancy.

Then, of course, are my old standbys who have books coming out in July – The Promise by Kristen Ashley and Nikolai (Volume 2) by Roxie Rivera. It’s going to be another tough month on the pocket book.


4 thoughts on “July reading list

  1. Holli

    Currently reading a meh true crime and a historical novel set in ancient Egypt that I can’t seem to get into. The last book that kept me up all night was Jason Priestley’s memoir. It was awesome!

    1. Elle Post author

      I think I’m going to have to borrow that memoir since you are raving about it so much.

  2. Isa

    I haven’t read about Christensen books but I’d check it because I like dragons too. I love Kyle’s Grayslake series I’m waiting for the next one in august.

    1. Elle Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Isa.

      Christensen was a completely new author for me, and this looks to be the first book in the series, so I’m happy for more dragons.

      There are going to be more Grayslake books? I didn’t know that – thanks for the news! It’s definitely going to be on my to-buy list.

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