It’s release day for PRIVATE ENCORE!

I am thrilled to announce that “Private Encore” is available for sale!

Last year, jazz singer Eloise Bright walked in—and then out—on her husband when he was about to get even for an imagined indiscretion.

By the time security specialist Rick Mundy realized he should have trusted his wife over the tabloids, it was too late to save their marriage. Now Rick has the opportunity to make amends when he’s assigned to protect Eloise from a new wave of aggressive reporters and vicious rumors on the eve of her breakout tour. Not only is Rick fighting for a second chance against stories of Eloise in an affair with her singing partner, but Eloise is on the verge of losing her professional reputation before her career even takes off.

If they can find the source of the rumors, they could both win. Unfortunately Eloise is only supposed to be in Seattle for a short engagement, which doesn’t leave Rick much time to convince her to give them a private encore.

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And because I’ve been asked:

If you don’t have an e-reader but do have a computer, try downloading a couple of samples to see which is the easiest format for you to read.  HTML and PDF are likely choices.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, you have a couple of options.  Buy it at the iTunes store, or download the Kindle app and get it from Amazon (MOBI format.  epub might also work).  I’m not comp-savvy enough to have other recommendations for you.

Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy the story!